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From the heart of Lithuania to the breathtaking beauty of Como Lake, MONTE MELLI has embarked on an awe-inspiring journey across the globe, capturing the essence of love through their lens. With an unwavering passion for storytelling, they have skillfully documented countless destination weddings and graced the pages of prestigious fashion editorials.

Nothing about STRESS. It's all about HAPPINESS, It's all about pure of MAGIC, It's all about BRIDE.

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Montemelli draws on years of experienc in the weddings and editorial photography industry, for photographs that are graceful, honest and boldly natural while completely captivating.

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Montemelli has an ability to create images in the most beautiful light, evoking the purest of emotions. His keen eye for the smallest details coupled with his ability to conceptualize a photo shoot means that I can trust that he will continue to produce amazing work.

Tomas Grigaitis

Events Manager


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montemelli wedding photography.
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Editorial Works

Montemelli's editorial photo shoots are nothing short of exceptional. Every frame captured reflects their artistic eye and meticulous attention to detail, leaving viewers captivated and inspired. With an expert ability to compose each shot and skillfully play with lighting, Montemelli creates a visual narrative that speaks volumes. Blending elements of fashion, beauty, and storytelling, their unique perspective and creative vision shine through in every image. Consistently surpassing expectations, Montemelli's editorial photo shoots deliver stunning visuals that effortlessly transcend the boundaries of ordinary photography.
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Leave the tears at home! Just best vibes, Just the moment that you want to repeat!
Charm! Is more then beauty!
You have all my Love! Passion! Elegance!
When the day is Tooooo hot! What you would do after 00.01? Let’s make a party!!!
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